Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little about me

Hi my Name is Jessica Storey,

I have started this blog to keep my friend and family up to date with things that go on in my life.
here is a little bit about me......
I happily live in a little town in Queensland Australia called ROMA it is a well known country town. I have a wonderful boyfriend that i love to Death, we moved to roma around one and a half years ago and we love every minute of it.
We did live in Toowoomba where my family is my mother two brothers and two sisters still live. I have one sister that lives in Canada and works as a nanny and one brother that lives with his wife in Charters Towers. You would of notice that i did not mention my Father as he did Pass away in September 2009 from the big killer cancer, he is dearly missed and is in my mind every second.

We have two dogs one called Barney and one named Major. Barney is my little man and Major is Lachlan's Pig dog, A bird and a fish tank that i try to keep fish in BUT i dont have much luck.

There that is me!!!!

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  1. What a great first post....see it wasn't that hard.....